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​Next generation CPS  Wireless applications

Datacapture (Barcode/RFID/Voice) business process on almost any mobile platform quickly and easily. We support an extensive list of mobile computers produced by a number of world-class manufacturers.

Our applications that combine technologies such as barcode scanners, touch screens, keyboards, signature capture, imagers, radio frequency identification, global positioning systems, displays, printers, and voice recognition all in one application.

Enterprises today are seeking for smart solutions to effectively and efficiently deploy apps and multiple device types into their organization, without having to learn and study each and every platform (WinCE/WM/Android).

Simply connect a device to a staging-pc and have the device deployed with the right apps and other software required to run at peak performance.

Organizations can now choose from a wide range of mobile devices fitting the exact needs of their projects.

Organizations can potentially decide to re-use existing equipment and save greatly on the overall project costs.
You have the freedom to change, and work with other devices in the future should your operations require to do so.